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  • Artist: Ebiet G Ade
  • Genre: Pop
  • Total Album: 10
  • Total Songs: 50+

Short Biography:

Ebiet G Ade born 21 April 1955 is an Indonesian singer and songwriter close to the suppressed society His musical touch has influenced Indonesian pop music His lyrics are made by himself he never collaborates with other musicians to arrange the lyrics but he can collaborate with them to arrange his musical arrangement Born as Abdul Gafar Abdullah in Wonodadi Banjarnegara he is the youngest son of Aboe Ja x27 far He had many desires engineer doctor and painter But as it ...

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  • Koleksi Terlengkap Ebiet G Ade
  • Ebiet G Ade
Ebiet G Ade In Love
Album Camellia 1
Camellia 4
Camellia II
Album Camellia 3
Album 6 Tokoh Tokoh
Masih Ada Waktu
Seraut Wajah

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